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Trusted Pest Control Solutions For Albany, Oregon

Founded in 1848 and the county seat of Linn County, Albany boasts a population of just under 56,500 residents. Situated in the Willamette Valley, Albany is a farming and manufacturing city offering access to 30 parks and trails and a push to revitalize our downtown shopping area. Whether you came here to raise a family or run a business, the odds of you succeeding here are in your favor. However, with more people flocking to this wonderful city, pests are not too far behind. Wherever there are crowds of people, pests follow. That’s why professional pest control in Linn County is a necessity for both home and business owners alike. Keep reading to learn how Kanga Pest Control can help your establishment or home become pest-free today!

Home Pest Control In Albany, OR

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There’s nothing worse than finding pests inside your house. Whether you switched on the lights and roaches scuttled to hide in dark corners, or you discover a rodent chewed through priceless papers and photographs, finding pests in your home is an overwhelming and frustrating experience. That’s why, at Kanga Pest Control, we offer prompt, compassionate service. Our expert technicians are armed with the skills and tools required to safely and effectively exterminate any pest you have in its entirety. Having serviced the city of Albany for quite some time, we have become experts on the habits, behaviors, and patterns of all the different kinds of pests that try to set up shop in our homes. We have put together a formula for extermination that has proven successful many times over. If pests have invaded your home, don’t try to remove them yourself. You sit back, and we will do the rest. Call us today and get started on our effective home pest control services.

Commercial Pest Control In Albany

Professional pest control in Linn County is essential for business owners. With the number of people living in such close proximity, it isn’t a game of if you get pests; it’s when you get them. And when you do, Kanga Pest Control is here to help. We understand firsthand how difficult it can be to run a business. One unhappy patron that experiences a pest is all it takes for your reputation to tank and for you to have a public relations nightmare on your hands. Similar to our residential treatments, our technicians will assess the scene and develop a customized commercial pest control treatment plan that will maximize the value of our service based on your specific situation. Armed with tools and products not readily available to the general public, our expert technicians will get to work right away, exterminating any pest that might be hiding in your establishment. We know how overwhelming it is to be in charge of a business. Let us handle the pest control for you. Give us a call today!

What Every Albany Property Owner Needs To Know About Roof Rats

The best way to get rid of roof rats is to call the pros here at Kanga Pest Control. Roof rats are the most common rodent here in Albany, and your home or business can easily become a target.

Below are some important things to know about these pests:

  • Roof rats carry diseases: There are many diseases rats carry, and roof rats can carry all of them, including the hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and salmonella. Additionally, the original bubonic plague is still alive and well, and infected rats could easily bring this into your home or business.
  • Size: Roof rats are much bigger than mice but not as plump as other kinds of rats. Instead, they are long, thin, and have large eyes and ears. They are usually brown, with some intermixed black spots.
  • Loss of material items: Roof rats can chew through the exterior of your home or business, allowing them to gain access to the inside. They will gnaw on all of your physical items as well and possibly destroy important papers or other treasured material items.

Because of the diseases rats carry, the best way to get rid of roof rats is to call in experts. Our technicians are equipped to exterminate roof rats without risking anyone getting sick.

Three Things Everyone In Albany Should Know About Bed Bugs

For effective bed bug control, only a professional exterminator can truly get the job done.

Below are three things everyone in Albany should know about bed bugs:

  1. Despite their name, bed bugs live all over your home or business, and not just in the mattress. They will invade furniture, fuzzy rugs, and your clothing as well.
  2. While there are lots of DIY methods you can try for bed bug control, the truth is that they don’t work. Not only are the chemicals not strong enough to get the job done, but you have to ensure you kill every single insect for the infestation not to restart again. Only a professional can do this effectively and truly exterminate the infestation.
  3. Bed bugs hitch free rides on people’s clothes, in their handbags, and anything else they can latch onto to travel to another place. You can pick them up anywhere, especially on public transportation.

If bed bugs have invaded your home or business, don’t wait — give us a call, and we will help you become pest-free in no time.


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