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Carpet Beetles 101: What Every Salem Homeowner Needs To Know

April 15, 2020

Have you wished for one place where you could find everything you really need to know about carpet beetles? Well, you're in luck. We've compiled the most important facts and tips you need to know about carpet beetles in Salem. There's no fluff here. Let's get right to it.

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Do Carpet Beetles Bite?

This is a question we get quite a bit. And when we say, "No. Carpet beetles don't bite," there are many who don't believe us. You may be one of them, especially if you've been waking up with lots of little, rashy bite marks on your skin. But those aren't bites. What you have is actually a rash, and you didn't get it from adult carpet beetles. It is an allergic reaction to the hairs on the bellies of carpet beetle larvae. This bumpy rash leads some to think they have a bed bug infestation, which can make matters even worse. If you've identified carpet beetles in your home and have started to second guess yourself, we're here to tell you that you probably got it right the first time.

What Does A Carpet Beetle Look Like?

There are four species of carpet beetles and they have three appearances. One is entirely black. It is aptly called a black carpenter beetle. One is black and fiery orange. That's a common carpet beetle. Two are a mottled mix of black, tan, white and yellow. These are called varied carpet beetles and furniture carpet beetles. All of these beetles look like beetles. They have six legs, a hard shell, and two antennae. All are oval-shaped except the black carpet beetle, which has more of a pill shape.

Do Carpet Beetles Eat Carpets And Clothing?

No. They don't. Carpet beetles eat mostly pollen. When they get into your home, they're not going to damage anything—well, not directly. The pest that damages your belongings is the larvae of carpet beetles, and these aren't beetles at all. They're caterpillars. Adult carpet beetles are a warning sign that you probably have these destructive caterpillars in your home. If you do, you need to be concerned about protecting your things.

What Do Carpet Beetle Larvae Eat?

Those little caterpillars eat animal-based materials, such as wool, fur, felt, silk, feathers, and leather. They'll target any items in your home that are made of these. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Carpet beetle larvae don't damage most carpets because modern carpets aren't made of animal-based materials anymore.

  • Carpet beetle larvae get into beds that have silk sheets. If you have silk sheets, a wool blanket or some other animal-based fibers in your sheets or bedding, you're more likely to get up with a bumpy rash.

  • Carpet beetle larvae can be extremely frustrating in a home that has taxidermy mounts or handcrafted items that are made with animal-based materials.

How Hard Are Carpet Beetles To Get Rid Of?

The adults aren't hard to get rid of at all. They only live for about two weeks. If you wait, they'll die off. Sounds good, doesn't it? Unfortunately, larvae can live for nine months to up to two years. So, long after the warning sign disappears from your home, these secretive larvae can be damaging your stuff.

What Should You Do About Carpet Beetles?

If you find these insects in your Salem home, the best solution is to reach out to Kanga Pest Control. We use well-established strategies for treating carpet beetles, eggs, and larvae. We can help you eliminate them and set up an ongoing pest control plan to prevent future infestation-if you'd like. Our ongoing residential pest control services keep many harmful pests from getting in. Reach out to us today to learn more. Life in Salem is better without pests.

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