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Cockroaches: Salem's Guide To Prevention And Control

February 10, 2023

A common pest that can survive in all types of climates and conditions, cockroaches are frequently found in Salem homes. If you need pest control in Salem, get in touch with our team at Kanga Pest Control for the reliable services that you and your family deserve.

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How To Identify Common Types Of Cockroaches

Proper cockroach control can only be done once a homeowner is aware of the types of cockroaches present in their home. Still, cockroach identification can be difficult for people who lack the experience to do so. There are even a few bugs mistaken for cockroaches. Here are a few simple cockroach facts we've compiled to help you identify a few common types of roaches:

  • American cockroaches are one of the most common types of cockroaches that you can find. They are also the biggest roach species that infiltrate and infest American homes. They are usually about two inches in length, which is more than double the size of oriental cockroaches. You can identify American cockroaches by examining their reddish-brown color and the figure-eight pattern prominently on the back of their head. 
  • German cockroaches are some of the smallest, yet most common, cockroaches found in the United States. Adults usually reach about half of an inch in size. German cockroaches choose warm and moist places to live. Identify German roaches by their little tan bodies and their two dark stripes (usually found on their back). 
  • Oriental cockroaches are approximately one inch long and they have a smooth, shiny black color. These cockroaches are highly adaptive, and can often survive freezing temperatures. 

No matter what type of cockroach you find, they're capable of bringing serious health hazards into your home.

Roaches In Your Home Can Be Very Hazardous To Your Health

Cockroaches can cause property damage and, worst of all, be very dangerous to your health. If you have any loved ones in your home, including children and pets, cockroaches can endanger their health as well. 

Cockroaches often walk through, feed on, and live in unsanitary conditions. Those roaches then carry pathogens that they've gathered and unknowingly bring them inside your home. They can then contaminate food and drinks, and leave their feces and urine throughout your home, without you even knowing it. Roaches can trigger allergies, cause and worsen asthma attacks, and infect you with illnesses such as cholera, salmonellosis, E. coli infections, dysentery, and more. 

Five Naturally Effective Cockroach Prevention Tips

If you're wondering how to deter cockroaches in a safe and effective manner, here are five natural cockroach prevention tips that are easy to follow:

  1. Remove any clutter inside your home.
  2. Use a dehumidifier and repair any leaking pipes.
  3. Properly seal and secure all garbage cans and bins.
  4. Clean, vacuum, dust, and disinfect frequently.
  5. Never leave out pet food bowls or water bowls.

Although these tips can help you prevent cockroaches, professionals with expert cockroach control products will be much more successful in preventing and removing roaches. 

The Best Cockroach Control Solution For Your Home

We'll let you in on a secret. For the best cockroach control solution for your home, one that fits your needs perfectly and will keep your home pest-free, call our licensed and insured team at Kanga Pest Control.

Did you know that Kanga Pest Control offers price matches? That means that if you find a service cheaper at a different pest control company, we will price match it and beat it by 5% for the same exact services. We're also proud to offer veterans an initial 10% discount. As a family-owned and operated business that loves Oregon deeply, we try to find any way possible to help our fellow community members. We hope that you'll take advantage of our veteran discount or price-matching offers.

Kanga Pest Control was created with a vision to always go the extra mile for people. Coming from an Australian heritage and continuing our legacy in America, we at Kanga Pest Control believe that all people across the globe deserve the peace of a pest-free home. Give us a call today and let us make your home a place you'll look forward to being in. 

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