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Don't Let Rodents Move Into Your Portland Home This Fall

November 15, 2019

Some pests are built for destruction, and these furry grey mammals are no exception. Rodents can be an unstoppable force in Portland homes throughout the state. Characterized by their large ears, long tails, and sharp teeth, infestations of any duration can lead to severe property damage and health concerns for Oregon homeowners

a house mouse feasting on scraps on a portland oregon kitchen table

The first sign of an infestation might be oily rubbings and gnaw marks around walls and furniture. Rodents waste no time attempting to get into potential food sources by boring holes into walls, plastic containers, and storage bags. Urine and piles of fecal matter may appear in dark, quiet spots throughout the home, releasing a stench that can be picked up all around the house. Seeking warmth and protection for their families, rodents will try even harder to come inside as the weather begins to get cooler. This makes November in Portland a time of high risk of infestation

The dangers of having rodents in the home are tenfold, ranging from physical to mental concerns. The fear of hantavirus and salmonella, coupled with rodents' transmission of ticks and fleas, can make homeowners anxious and afraid. Rodents have a penchant for consuming enormous amounts of food, having no qualms about causing massive property damage in their dogged pursuit. Every single part of the rodent is adversarial to Portland residents: even their excrement can transmit diseases if handled without protective equipment. 

Racing Against the Rodent Clock

Rodents may sound like a cunning adversary, but there are actionable steps you can take to maintain the integrity of your home throughout the cold season. 

  • Keep food stored properly in durable, pest-proof containers. Food messes on counters and floors should be cleaned up promptly to reduce the risk of attracting an unwanted furry guest.

  • Seal cracks and fissures around the home with caulking or steel wool. 

  • Equip your home with reliable chimney caps. Rodents such as squirrels often climb into unprotected chimneys for relief from the weather.

  • Make sure all screens are present and don't have holes in them, especially screens in basement windows.

Rodent prevention is a continuous process that should not be neglected. For year-round pest control with emergency, same-day, and after-hour services, reach out to Kanga Pest Control today. 

Kanga is Portland’s Premier Pest Protector 

If rodents squirm their way into your home, despite your best efforts, it is not advised that you handle them by yourself. While some baits, traps, and tapes can help reduce populations, there is only one solution for ensuring complete colony elimination. For true rodent control, contact the professionals at Kanga Pest Control now.

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