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How To Stop A Bed Bug Infestation In Portland Before It Begins

July 3, 2022

Bed bugs. You've heard that you don't want to let them bite, but do you know how common of a problem they are for homeowners? Bed bugs in Portland are an invasive and widespread pest concern, and they are complicated to remove. To eradicate a bed bug problem, you need to remove every bed bug and egg, so DIY bed bug control options aren't effective enough.

But, while bed bugs can seem like an impossible problem, there are effective ways to deal with them. Our professionals devised this guide at Kanga Pest Control to help Portland residents identify and act on bed bug infestations before they are uncontrollable. Read on to get started with protecting your home.

bed bug crawling on sheet

Can One Single Bed Bug Cause An Entire Infestation?

If you see one bed bug around your house, the odds are high that there are many more around. Unfortunately, bed bugs usually don't just invade one at a time. Instead, they quickly become unmanageable, and you usually won't even see them until the infection has become more extensive. 

Bed bug infestations usually start when you accidentally pick up the pests during travel or running errands. Almost anywhere can have bed bugs, but some typical hot spots are laundromats, hotels, public transportation, and schools. The bed bugs will attach themselves to clothing, purses, luggage, or other items you carry. Bed bug problems can begin if you purchase secondhand items with active infestations. 

How Do I Know If I Have A Bed Bug Infestation?

Bed bugs are only about the size of an apple seed and are also nocturnal. They emerge at night and sense our body heat and breath to find us and get a blood meal. It's rather tricky to spot these bugs at first, so there are some other signs of an infestation to be aware of, such as:

  • Finding bed bug bites on your skin
  • Discovering brown stains on furniture and bedding
  • Seeing blood stains on your sheets
  • Smelling a strange musty odor that's hard to place

If you notice any of these signs of bed bugs, the next best step is to contact Portland pest control experts for assistance.

How Much Time Do I Have Before It Turns Into A Bed Bug Infestation?

Once bed bugs get into your home, just one female can lay up to 100 eggs within a month. By the end of the second month, you will have around 200 bed bugs. But, the problem grows exponentially, so after a few months, you could have thousands of bed bugs in your home.

There is some time to act if you pay attention to potential bed bug signs. While many of these signs don't show up for a month, you can still get assistance before the bed bugs have spread throughout your entire home.

How Do I Get Rid Of The Bed Bug Infestation In My Home

Bed bugs in Portland are challenging to remove with standard DIY methods. So, you'll likely be wasting your time and money if you try to eradicate them.

Luckily, it's practical and easy to eliminate bed bugs with help from our team at Kanga Pest Control. If you've noticed any indicators of bed bugs, we suggest calling us to book an inspection. We can develop a treatment plan to remove the entire infestation. Contact us today to get started.

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