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Portland's Ultimate Yellow Jacket Control Guide

August 13, 2021

Do you remember the first time you were stung by a yellow jacket? Even if you don’t remember your first sting, you may remember your last. These insects are aggressive and deliver a painful sting. If you have allergies to their venom, you probably live in constant fear. With this guide to yellow jacket control, you can take steps to keep these stinging insects away.

an up close image of a yellow jacket that landed

What Are Yellow Jackets?

As you may already know, Portland yellow jackets have black and yellow patterns on their abdomens. If you look at the insect’s abdomen, you will see a long stinger. The stinger has venom and can inject you multiple times.

Although all stinging insects will sting you when they feel threatened, yellow jackets are the most aggressive. As you walk near a nest, this common pest could dive bomb you. It doesn’t take much for someone to annoy yellow jackets. With a nest located underground in holes in your yard or high on your building, yellow jackets can seem to be everywhere.

Yellow jackets are useful creatures that spread pollen when they feed on plants. Furthermore, they may kill your garden pests as they collect food for their larvae. But these beneficial characteristics don’t make up for the dangers. If someone with an allergy experiences a sting, they could be in a fight for their life. 

Keeping Yellow Jackets Away

Whether or not you have allergies, you shouldn’t allow yellow jackets to commandeer your yard. They can make any picnic or party a scene from a horror movie. As your guests swat away at these flying pests, someone could become a victim of a sting. To make sure your yard doesn't become a harborage for yellow jackets and their nests, follow these few easy tips:

  • Cut The Grass Short: If you have long grass, you could have insects for yellow jackets to feed on. Mow your lawn frequently and maintain your landscaping. After you do your yard work, clean up all of the piles of debris.
  • Fill All Holes: Because yellow jackets can nest underground, they look for lawns with holes in them. Cover up holes before yellow jackets can take up residence in them, but be careful not to disturb a nest.
  • Clean-up Immediately After Picnics: As soon as you finish a barbecue or picnic, clean up the food. Dispose of it in a closed trash bag. If you want to leave some food outside, keep it covered with a screen or lid.
  • Pick Up Fallen Fruit: When ripe fruit falls from your trees, yellow jackets are drawn to it. Pick fruit before it falls to the ground, or as soon as it hits the ground.
  • Remove Flowering Plants: Though you might hate the idea of getting rid of your flowers, this could be your key to yellow jacket prevention. In place of flowering plants, have wasp-repelling plants. Citronella and lemongrass are two excellent options.
  • Watch The Neighbor's Yard: Despite your best efforts, a nearby yard could be attracting yellow jackets. Once this happens, it's only a matter of time before these pests will build a nest on your property. 

Yellow Jacket Removal And Prevention

Why put you and your family at risk? With so much on the line, you should go to great lengths to keep yellow jackets away, and that means working with the professionals. Whether you locate a nest or want to prevent any future infestations, you need the help of Kanga Pest Control.

Here at Kanga Pest Control, our highly trained professionals have the tools to protect you. With years of experience, we have learned what works best to keep yellow jackets from invading and how to remove their nests. For the most effective and safest ways call us now to start your home pest control plan.

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