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The Trick To Keeping Wasps Away From Your Detroit Lake, OR Property

June 15, 2021

As the weather gets warmer, a new wave of pests become active for Detroit Lake, OR property owners. One pest that loves to make its presence known is the wasp. Wasps are not only a nuisance to humans, but they also represent a threat to your well being. 

a bald faced hornet chewing on wood

Common Wasps You May Come Across

  • Bald-faced Hornet: One of the more aggressive species of wasp, the bald-faced hornet will gladly sting you multiple times. You can identify this species by its black coloring and white pattern on its head. Usually, they reside in trees or under eaves.
  • Paper Wasp: This wasp boasts a pinched waist and long legs. They are often mistaken for other species of wasp, but their smooth stinger and grayish wings further identify them.
  • Mud Daubers: Boasting a metallic appearance, this wasp is even more unique due to being a solitary wasp. As such, you'll rarely find them near other wasps. They're also docile compared to their more aggressive cousins.
  • Yellowjacket: Also highly aggressive, you'll recognize this species by its banded yellow and black abdomens.
    European Hornet: The only species native to the United States, this wasp is known for its sting as well as its ability to damage trees and shrubs.

Wasps Are Attracted To The Following

You might not want wasps hanging around your property, but something is drawing their attention anyway. Some of the ways you might be accidentally attracting wasps include but aren't limited to:

  • Sugary Drinks: For wasps, your sugared beverage might as well be nectar with a kick. Whether you leave your drink out or spill your drink, wasps are quite happy to come to investigate. That's why you see them around outdoor parties and cookouts so often.
  • Food: Like other insects, wasps are attracted to your food. This also includes pet food, which is why they hover around food bowls.
  • Certain Plants: Wasps help pollinate and spread nature around. Plants like citronella or ferns are extremely attractive to them. If you have attractive plants they will draw the wasps.

Minimize The Attraction Factors

At this point, you can probably guess what you need to do, but truly effective wasp prevention requires a multi-pronged approach. Some of the most effective ways to minimize the attraction are:

  • Proper Food Storage: Since food is attractive to wasps, it just makes sense to focus on proper food storage. Make sure to also cover and store your pet food while performing this task.
  • Maintain The Yard: For this step, it's important to keep your property neat and maintained overall, since wasps like it a bit wilder. Also, now is the time to remove any plants or flowers that attract them from the property.
  • Standing Water: One surefire way to limit how often wasps stick around your property is to take away their water supply. Wasps need water to survive like any other pest. Look for leaks, standing water, clogged gutters, and other sources of trapped water, and then eliminate them. Once complete, you'll notice fewer pests around overall.

No More Wasps With Kanga Pest Control

It's no secret that pest control is a tricky topic since there are so many unknowns involved. That's why our team at Kanga Pest Control is dedicated to providing quality residential pest control solutions from the very beginning. We accomplish this through professional customer service and a deep understanding of what to look for upon arrival.

Are you in need of wasp control services? Then give our team at Kanga Pest Control a call to speak with one of our agents about our professional pest control options or fill out our online form to schedule your free inspection.

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