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What Experts Have To Say About Ant Prevention In Salem 

May 14, 2020

In the land of Douglas firs and tall pines, Oregonians know about construction and the importance of proper land management. Interestingly enough, we share that trait with a common household pest: ants. These little insects are industrious builders, gatherers, and conservationists of their environments. Problem is, they can be a big nuisance if their colonies move onto your property.

pavement ants on a patio

Common Invasive Ants

The types of problems that an ant population can bring varies by species, but all of them can prove to be more than just a nuisance. All ants can contaminate food or the surfaces where we eat and prepare food, since they can crawl around in germ-ridden areas. Other varieties can bring even more hazardous trouble:

  • Pavement ants: These common, black-colored ants are so-called for their habit of staying hidden in cracks or crevices in the ground, particularly along walkways and pavement. They will nonetheless travel inside in search of food like most ants.


  • Odorous house ants: An extremely common local pest, these ants are dark brown in color and produce a nasty odor when squished. Also called “sugar ants,” they are attracted to sweet food and drinks.


  • Carpenter ants: One of the most dangerous types of infestations to have, since these little lumberjacks bore through household woods, causing irreparable damage to property and ruining stability.

What Brings Them Inside?

No matter the kind of ant that’s squatting on your property, they are all attracted indoors in search of food, water and safe places to hide. Knowing what steps you can take around your home or business will make your home a less attractive option to opportunistic ants:

  • Food waste: Properly cleaning up spills and leftover crumbs is the obvious step, but it’s also important to securely bag and bin your trash. Don’t forget to check for crumbs under heavy appliances.

  • Moisture control: Many pests are attracted to humid areas or places with convenient access to hydration. Carpenter ants, especially, are drawn in by sodden or waterlogged wood, which is in ample supply in the rainy Pacific Northwest. Proper plumbing maintenance and ventilation will reduce these factors.

  • Cracked sealing: The tiny proportions of ants means they can get in through tiny cracks or holes. Checking your walls and floors for these imperfections, and sealing where necessary, can reduce entry points for ants. Proper window screen repair may also be necessary.

Why At-home Methods Might Not Be Enough

Trying to seal up holes that are tiny enough for millimeters-long bugs to crawl through can be an uphill battle for homeowners, and many DIY methods for ant prevention or control are often not enough to truly address the problem. For one, ant populations can number in the millions and their colonies may stretch on below the ground for hundreds of feet. As such, the reproductive members of their society will be far removed from whatever steps you take inside your home.

The safest, surest way to remove an ant infestation is with proper professional care. The last thing you want is to spend your hard-earned dollars and free time tracking down the root of a bug problem. Especially when those methods aren’t sure to actually solve the problem for good.

Professional Protection From Kanga

Thankfully, Kanga Pest Control offers everything a property owner could need for total ant prevention and elimination. Whether ants are already a problem or if you just want an inspection for peace of mind, our trained experts provide a seasoned pair of eyes to look at the problem. We will tailor solutions to your home and budget, matching the right methods to the right species of ant.

Don’t risk an ant infestation being more than just a nuisance, turn to Kanga at the first signs of ant activity in your Salem home.

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