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Professional Pest Solutions In Canby, OR

Located 2 miles northeast of Barlow, OR is the city of Canby. Currently, Canby is home to just over 15,000 residents and lies along the Oregon Route 99E, promising lots of traffic for business owners. With its extensive public transportation system, fair and rodeo grounds, and close proximity to the local airports, Canby is sure to get lots of tourists and other people passing through. This has caused Clackamas County pest control needs to soar, as the denser the human populations become, the more the pest populations will grow. At Kanga Pest Control, we are on standby, ready to jump in and do our part to keep the city of Canby clean, secure, and safe from pest threats today. Read on to learn how!

Residential Pest Control In Canby

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At Kanga Pest Control, our residential pest control services were designed to go the extra mile for Canby homeowners. Your home is your castle, and we believe it deserves the highest quality treatment from a customized plan of attack that provide the following:

  • An incredibly thorough inspection of your situation
  • Quality treatments based on the findings from the inspection
  • A pest-free guarantee: Should pests pop up after we have treated your home, we will come back and re-treat for free.

The technicians at Kanga Pest Control don’t take the care of your home lightly. We believe in providing Canby residents with the most effective, most intensive residential pest control services that work the first time because that is what you paid for. We don't cut corners, and we don’t take shortcuts to save money. When you partner with us in your time of need, you don’t just get a company, you get help from another local family that takes your home’s safety and security seriously. If pests are moving into your home, you shouldn’t have to compromise; let us help you win your home back today!

Commercial Pest Control In Canby

A pest infestation in your place of business can be devastating to your property, revenue, inventory, and even the health of your employees and patrons. At Kanga Pest Control, we provide 24-hour emergency commercial pest control services to the following types of Canby businesses:

  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Supermarkets
  • Warehouses
  • Apartments

Who better to trust in your time of need than another locally and family-owned business? At Kanga Pest Control, we pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive, complete commercial pest control services with the use of eco-friendly treatment options. We take the same level of dedication to your commercial clients as we do with our residential clients, and we provide the same attention to detail and customization of the treatment plan as well. Don’t let pests tear apart your hard-earned reputation with the residents of Canby. Give us a call for help today!

Why Rodent Infestations In Canby Are Best Left To The Professionals 

Rodents are perhaps the most common pest that Canby residents will have to deal with. Unfortunately, they are not as easy to get rid of as some people might think. This leads to people spending hundreds of dollars on useless over-the-counter products, all while their infestation continues to get worse. Below are some reasons why you should contact the professionals at Kanga Pest Control for help with your rodents today:

  • Rodents are prolific breeders: Even if you manage to kill one or two rodents, for example, you can be sure that there will always be more hiding. Because they breed year-round, they typically produce 5 to 10 litters a year, with roughly 6 to 8 babies per litter. In just 3 months, a family of 6 rodents can multiply into 60.
  • Diseases: All rodents can be vectors of terrible diseases that put you and your family at great risk of illness, and you don’t even need to be bitten or scratched by them to contract any of them.
  • Ineffective over-the-counter methods: All rodents are much smarter than people give them credit for, and the traps you can buy from local stores are actually very ineffective because of their intelligence and weariness of strange things. This renders over-the-counter methods useless in the fight against a rodent infestation.

Kanga Pest Control technicians come armed with the most advanced tools available on the professional market, along with many years of experience dealing with rodents in Canby and their particular mannerisms and behaviors. Don’t waste money and precious time with these pests, and certainly don’t let the problem get so bad you threaten your and your family's health -- give the professionals a call today!

How To Choose A Bed Bug Exterminator In Canby 

Just like with rodents, professional bed bug control is almost always needed to permanently exterminate a bed bug infestation. However, don’t just go with any old pest control company when it comes to these pests. They are one of the most difficult pests to permanently get rid of, and you should make sure your company of choice understands the following:

  • Bed bug behavior: The pest control company you hire to help you in your time of need is one that understands how bed bugs travel, where they like to hide, and their typical movement patterns in order to get to the source of the problem. 
  • How to narrow down conducive conditions: A good technician can pinpoint the exact reasons why an infestation cropped up to begin with and will effectively communicate that with you to help prevent the pests from coming back.
  • How to implement proven prevention strategies: Once those entryways are discovered, your technicians should know how just what prevention strategies should be put in place to keep the infestation from coming back.

Most importantly, your technician should be using the toughest tools available and attack the source of your infestation. At Kanga Pest Control, we take bed bug control seriously; with many years of training and studying dedicated to this type of pest, we are prepared to take on any level of severity when it comes to bed bugs. Don’t put the future of your good night’s sleep in the hands of just anyone -- contact the proven professionals at Kanga Pest Control today!


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