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Expert Pest Control Solutions In Keizer, OR

Do you know that there is a science to pest control? A good example of this science can be seen in the way pest professionals handle spiders. When a spider explores the exterior of your home, it is going to want to create a web in an undisturbed location. One way a spider determines that a location is undisturbed is that it detects dirt or dust. When key areas are wiped down, it deters spiders from creating webs. A professional will also remove any webs present. This sends another signal to spiders to let them know that this is not a safe place to create webs.

Dewebbing also plays a role in reducing spider populations because spider sacs attached to webs can have as many as 400 eggs. Along with preventing spiders from making webs, professional Marion County pest control will reduce pest activity around structures, which reduces the food source spiders desire. All of this comes together to manage spiders and keep them out of structures. Modern pest control is about proactive pest management of pests. Let's take a look at a few more examples of how science can help to keep pests out of homes and businesses in Keizer, Oregon.   

Home Pest Control In Keizer, OR

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When you contact us and get our year-round residential pest control service, your service professional will use science to reduce pests around your home and prevent pest entry.

  • Inspections during each service visit catch pest activity and warning signs early. For some pests, this is what is needed to prevent problems. Wasps are a good example. If you don't have nests on your property, you won't have surprise encounters with wasp swarms.

  • Every home has vulnerabilities that can allow pests inside. Pest professionals use appropriately selected products to treat key areas, such as around doors and windows, utilities, and trash receptacles. This keeps a wide range of pests out, such as cockroaches, carpet beetles, silverfish, and ants.

  • Granular products are used in the perimeter around structures to knock down any pests that come near the foundation.

  • A mist application may be applied to vegetation to stop tick, flea, and mosquito development.

  • Where necessary, traps may be used to cull rodent populations and prevent entry.

Your pest professional knows where pests live, where pests hide, and how they get into your home. You'll be given essential information regarding conducive conditions and vulnerabilities, and you'll have the protection you need to bolster your defenses when conducive conditions and vulnerabilities can be immediately addressed.

Commercial Pest Control In Keizer, OR

At Kanga Pest Control, we specialize in rodent control because of all the many ways rodents can impact businesses in our service area. Our commercial pest control professionals are trained in the science of rodent trapping so that businesses know that rodents are under control. We track rodent activity, follow warning signs, place traps in key areas, apply appropriate baits that are known to be effective, and evaluate all rodent control programs to ensure the best results.

Along with rodent control, every business can use perimeter pest control. We apply the same scientific method for commercial pests as we do for residential pests. We also guide business owners in bringing staff up to speed on how they can help prevent pest problems.

The Secret To Keeping Ticks Away From Your Keizer Yard

Tick control begins with understanding how ticks come into your yard. The science of entomology can help with this. Entomologists study bugs. They know that ticks take animals as hosts, and use these animals to come into yards. They know that baby ticks develop and eventually fall off their first host. When an animal explores your property, it can leave ticks in its wake. You can deter this from happening by applying methods to manage wildlife, such as:

  • Keep grass trimmed low.

  • Remove leaves, branches, and stacked wood.

  • Keep trash covered and in containers that can't be easily knocked over.

  • Use fencing material to seal voids underneath structures.

  • Move bird feeders away from your exterior.

  • Address conditions that cause standing water.

Natural methods like these can reduce wildlife traffic and prevent animals from dropping ticks near your home. These tips are even more important for mice and rat control. Let's take a look at three important facts you should know about mice and rats.

Three Things You Should Know About Rodents In Keizer

Mice and rats may be small animals, but they're no small problem. Here are three things every Keizer resident should know:

1. When mice and rats come into your yard, they can bring ticks and fleas with them. If mice and rats get into your home, they can bring ticks and fleas inside.

2. Mice and rats chew holes to get inside and chew holes once they get inside. These holes can lead to moisture problems, mold, and secondary pest issues.

3. Mice and rats are known to chew on wires. This can spark a fire.

When mice, rats, or any other pest, becomes a problem in your Keizer home or business, contact Kanga Pest Control for assistance. But, keep in mind that you don't have to wait till pests are a problem. You can contact us anytime to get an ongoing, year-round, proactive pest control service, which is the best way to deal with pests.


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