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Pest Control In Silverton, OR

As a small community located just a few miles from Oregon’s capital of Salem, Silverton is a quaint tourist community known for its gorgeous Silver Falls. But tourism and nature are two factors that bring pest populations through a neighborhood. Human activity attracts pests, and we are completely surrounded by their natural habitat in the woods and canyons of the Willamette Valley. This is why Marion County property owners need to know how to keep pests from invading and quickly eliminate them if an infestation takes hold.

Residential Pest Control In Silverton

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Keeping pests out of your home takes a well-rounded approach. Pests don’t just crawl around out in the open; they hide within your walls and even in your yard. True pest control focuses on interior and exterior access points and attractants. Rather than trying to handle it all on your own, the more effective approach is to turn to local residential pest control experts. At Kanga Pest Control, we provide this thorough process to Silverton homeowners:

  • Pest Inspections: To fully address the factors that attract pests – and determine where an existing infestation is coming from – we need to inspect your property inside and out. 
  • Quality Treatments: We provide interior and exterior treatments that both eliminate current pests and ward off future infestations. 
    Pest-Free Guarantee: Our services are so effective that we back them with a pest-free guarantee. If the pests don’t stay gone after our initial service, we return and re-treat at no cost. 

Keep pests out of your home with the effective services of Kanga Pest Control – contact us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Silverton 

All factors that attract pests to homes are especially a concern for commercial properties. Because food, water, and shelter are what pests look for, the added human activity found in every business means that they are at a greater risk of infestations. And the impacts of a pest infestation can be pretty severe for small-town companies. From the lost profits to a damaged reputation, it’s better to avoid pest problems than have to suffer the consequences. Silverton businesses should partner with Kanga Pest Control to keep pests out for good. Here are the kinds of companies we’ve successfully partnered with:

  • Restaurants: Foodservice businesses are attractive to pests looking for easy access to food. 
  • Hospitals: Even hospitals tend to have food service areas, and all those duct systems and storage spaces make for attractive places for pests to hide. 
  • Schools: Educational facilities tend to have a little bit of everything that pests are looking for, from food sources to hiding places and even the ability to hitch rides back to households – like in the case of bed bugs or fleas. 

All kinds of businesses can be at risk, so whether you fall into these categories, turn to Kanga Pest Control for commercial pest control today. 

The Dangers Cockroaches Bring To Your Silverton Home

Cockroaches are universally reviled, but most people don’t know exactly how dangerous cockroaches can be. While they can contaminate food sources and be gross to look at, the actual dangers of a cockroach infestation are in the side effects of cockroach activity. Here’s why you should take cockroach control seriously:

  • Damage: Cockroaches cause stains and can even damage your walls and utilities as they dig through your walls and ventilation systems. 
  • Disease: Roaches are known to carry serious bacteria like salmonella and plague. They can track diseases throughout a home, primarily via their droppings. 
  • Pests: Once one pest population moves in, others will follow. One of the other side effects of a cockroach infestation is attracting other pests, like spiders that hunt them. 

Keep cockroaches out of your Silverton home by turning to Kanga Pest Control. Even if you don’t suspect you have an infestation, get an inspection from professionals to be sure. 

Answering Silverton’s Most Commonly Asked Flea & Tick Questions 

While most invasive pests are small, the ones we picture when we think of pests that infest homes are easy to spot. From rodents to spiders and cockroaches, we tend to spend all of our time focusing on the more obvious pest problems. But it’s the most minor and seemingly least threatening pests that can significantly impact your health. We’re talking about fleas and ticks, which can easily invade your yard and home, leading to nasty bites and even diseases. For these reasons, we want to dispel some misconceptions about ticks and fleas by answering a few common questions: 

  • Are Fleas Only A Problem For Pets? No. Fleas will also bite people, and people are wrong to think that fleas are only a problem for homes with animals in them. 
  • Are Ticks And Fleas Dangerous? Yes. From the welts their bites leave on your skin to the diseases they may transmit into your bloodstream, parasitic pests should always be considered dangerous. 
  • How Do Ticks And Fleas Get Indoors? Tiny parasites like fleas and ticks tend to get around via hitchhiking. They wait for people or animals to wander by, and then they cling to hair, skin, and clothing to be taken back to our homes. 

Get proper flea and tick control for your Silverton home by contacting Kanga Pest Control today. 


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