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Pest Control In Turner, OR 

With a population of just over 1,800 residents, Turner, Oregon, is rapidly growing in popularity. Part of the Salem Metropolitan Statistical Area, Turner is flanked by two major highways and promises many potential customers to those looking to set up businesses. This rural town offers adventures for those who love the outdoors and ample calm for those looking to settle down. However, because more and more people are moving into the area, the pest populations have increased. Because of this, Marion County pest control needs are higher than ever before. At Kanga Pest Control, we are ready to take on any infestation that might harm you, your business, or your home.

Residential Pest Control In Turner

turner wa pest control

Here at Kanga Pest Control, we take our role of protecting your home and your family from potentially harmful pests very seriously. To better protect Turner residents, we have developed a proven formula for all types of residential pest control needs that includes:

  • Thorough inspections of both your home's interior and exterior.
  • Implementation of high-quality treatments to create a lasting barrier in and around your home.
  • Follow-up visits that include a pest-free guarantee.

Our goal with our residential pest control services is for your home to stay pest-free year-round. With the most advanced products available on the professional market, our highly trained technicians never cut corners to save money. Your home is your castle. Call us today to let us help you defend it!

Commercial Pest Control In Turner 

A pest infestation is one of the worst things that can happen to a business. Not only could your reputation sink if word got out, but your employees and patrons could become ill. Your property could also sustain costly damage. To mitigate the increasing issues of pests in businesses, Kanga Pest Control provides comprehensive commercial pest control services to the following types of establishments:

  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Apartments
  • Warehouses
  • Supermarkets

Kanga Pest Control provides the most competitive pricing for commercial pest control services compared to other companies in Marion County. In addition to our same-day and emergency services options, we provide estimates and offer the use of eco-friendly treatment products. Our commercial clients rave about our reliability and professionalism. If you are looking for honest, reliable service in your time of need, contact us today!

Turner's Step-By-Step Guide To Effective Spider Control 

Nobody wants to find spiders in their home. The good news is that you can do lots of things to keep them from invading your home. Consider the following prevention tips:

  • Seal up holes: Start by going around your house and sealing up any cracks you find. No matter how small it is, cover it up because this is one of the main ways spiders get inside.
  • Organize clutter: Most spiders want a safe place to hide, so your attics and garages are especially appealing. Reduce this appeal by organizing your boxes and stuff to make it difficult for a spider to spin its web inside.
  • Treat other insect infestations: If spiders are invading your home, it's likely you are already dealing with a different type of insect infestation. Because spiders are looking for easy meals, a home filled with other insects is a great place to be.

If you're still unsure how these arachnids are getting inside your home, give the experts at Kanga Pest Control a call today.

A Fool-Proof Way To Keep Ants Out Of Your Turner Home 

Ant pest control always begins with maintaining your yard. If you are looking for some natural ways to repel these pests, try the following steps:

  • Rake your yard: Raking your yard helps destroy any ant hills and makes it harder for them to set up shop. This step is an easy form of ant control for your yard, as anyone can do this.
  • Don't plant too close to the house: When considering plants, try not to set them up too close to your home. Shrubs and bushes attract ants, and having them up against your home makes it easier for ants to get inside.
  • Store food properly: Ant control in your house starts with adequately storing food since your pantries and cupboards are where you are likely to find them. Store food properly in containers that can't be chewed through, and be sure to clean up any crumbs.

At Kanga Pest Control, we specialize in rooting out the source of ant infestations and implementing proven prevention strategies. If the ants ruin your yard and invade your kitchens, don't waste time and money with ineffective over-the-counter products. Let us help you take back your home today. Call us to request a quote.


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