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A Complete Guide To Effective Rodent Control For Portland Property Owners

November 13, 2020

There are several rodents in Portland that affect local property owners, and if you don't want to experience the trouble that comes from their infestations, you need to take action. Read on to learn more about effective rodent control and everything you can do to keep rodents away from your property.

a brown rat infestation in a home

Types Of Rodents In Portland

If you live in or near Portland, you could come across several types of rodents. Outside, you might encounter a deer mouse. This mouse usually doesn't head indoors, so you're unlikely to find it in your home, and it typically rests in rural neighborhoods. Inside your home, however, you might come across a house mouse; they often take shelter in Portland homes, seeking out dark and secluded spaces.

Rats In Portland

If you don't have mice in your home, you could have rats. These two types of rodents don't usually take up residence together, so you probably will only have one or the other. Norway Rats, for instance, sometimes end up in the basements of Portland homeowners, and they generally only head indoors when food is scarce outside. Roof rats, on the other hand, tend to roost under roofs and rarely nest inside homes.
But whether you have rats or mice, you can be sure of one thing - you're in danger. Their urine and feces can easily spread several volatile diseases, and their hair can easily trigger allergies. But while rodents can pose harm to you and the health of your loved ones, they can also pose harm to the structural health of your property. By gnawing on foundational materials, they can easily damage your walls and insulation, and by gnawing on electrical wires, they can easily cause fires. If you have a rodent infestation, everyone in your home is in danger.

Getting Rid Of Rodents

You're not the only local who wants to prevent and eliminate rodents. Unfortunately, it's an easier process said than done, as rodents can grow their populations very quickly. What starts as a nest of only a few rodents could soon grow to hundreds; catching or killing a few of them in traps rodents won't make a meaningful difference, because the remaining pests will continue breeding.
Another issue that makes rodent control so difficult is their size. All rodents are small enough to get into your home through tiny openings, even ones as small as a ¼ inch. If you have an untrained eye, you may not be able to spot all of the potential tiny rodent entrances, so you must take a very mindful initiative in watching out for them.

How To Handle Rodent Control

If you're tempted to take on rodents on your own, think again. Traps aren't enough to eliminate rodents, so once you have a problem, you need to call in the experts right away. That said, there are a few precautions you can take to keep rodents out before infestation. First, try to keep a clean home. If you have crumbs and food scraps on your floor or counters, rodents may come into your home in search of food. Vacuum, sweep, and mop your floors as frequently as possible to get rid of them, and wipe your kitchen table and counters down every day.
Secondly, store your garbage properly. Use tight-fitting lids to make the food in your trash inaccessible, and if you don't have any lids that fit well, go shopping for new cans. Finally, seal up small openings in your home; check your walls and foundation for access points, and then check your doors and windows. Are there any gaps large enough for a rodent to enter? If so, do your best to seal them up.

Get Outside Help

How much do you know about rodent behavior? Most property owners in Portland don't have extensive knowledge of rodent habits. For that reason, they aren't able to handle rodent control. It takes a professional with years of experience to get the job done. For total rodent control, contact the professionals at Kanga Pest Control. Our team is ready to do what it takes to protect your property from rodents.

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