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How To Avoid Bed Bugs In Woodburn, OR

March 15, 2019

With the continued rise in bed bug infestations, it’s almost certain that you’ve dealt with, or at least know someone who has dealt with, a bed bug invasion. But why are bed bug populations growing? What is causing this spike in bed bug infestations in Woodburn, but also across America? The answer is simpler than you might think.

tiny bed bug crawling along woodburn oregon cotton bed in the dark night

Why Are Bed Bug Populations Growing?

Bed bugs used to be all but extinct in the 1960s due to a lethal pesticide known as DDT. But in 1972, the use of DDT was banned because of health and environmental concerns related to elements found in the pesticide. Since then we have seen a steady resurgence in the population of bed bugs over the years. Additionally, bed bugs are extremely resilient pests that can become resistant over time to several forms of chemicals found in most pesticides, which is why we have had to find new ways to treat bed bug infestations.

How To Identify A Bed Bug Infestation

The first step to identifying a bed bug infestation is knowing how to identify bed bugs and signs of their presence in your Woodburn home. Bed bugs are parasitic insects that appear flat, oval-shaped, and a reddish-brown in color. These small pests are only about ¼ of an inch in total length, and they depend on warm-blooded hosts to survive. Unfortunately, their favorite food source happens to be human blood. If bed bugs have gotten into your home, they leave behind a few warning signs that can alert you to their presence if you look closely.

First and foremost, bed bugs bite. So if you keep waking up each morning with unexplainable itchy red spots on your legs or arms, bed bugs may be the culprits.

  • Spotting adult bed bugs on your clothing, sheets, or belongings is also an indicator of a larger infestation.

  • Finding tiny white eggs, shed bed bug skins, and dark spots of bed bug excrement in areas where bed bugs commonly hide (bags, bedding, couches, clothing) are signs that bed bugs have been around for a while.

  • Blood stains on your sheets or clothing are created when bed bugs let go of your skin and return to their hiding spot at the first sign of movement.

How Professional Bed Bug Treatments Can Help

If your Woodburn property has become home to bed bugs, the only way to remove them and keep them out in the future is by contacting a professional pest control provider like Kanga Pest Control. Our certified team of bed bug specialists has what it takes to keep your home bed bug-free all year round. Reach out to us today for more information on all of our pest control service options.

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