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How To Get Rid Of Rodents In Your Portland Home

January 15, 2022

House mice, field mice, roof rats, and Norway rats are four major rodent species found in the Portland area. Because of their propensity to spread disease and their aggressive behaviors, these pests are rarely, if ever wanted around the house.

At Kanga Pest Control, we want to help our neighbors quickly, calmly, and accurately identify rodent species. Below are a few helpful rodent characteristics that can help to identify local species:

  • Long whiskers
  • Pink tails (scaly or furry)
  • Ever-growing front teeth
  • Four legs
  • Color patterns of black, white, grey, and tawny brown
  • Squeaking sounds for communication 

If you have identified a creature with these characteristics, you may have a significant rat or mouse problem to deal with.

Are you equipped with how to deal with a rodent infestation in Portland? Read more to find out. 

a small house mouse under a rock

Rodent History With Humans Explained 

Rodents like rats and mice have been living alongside human beings for thousands of years. Rodents much prefer humans to the wilds of the outdoors because we offer them easy access to our food, water, and shelter. In fact, the modern rodent is almost 100% dependent on human activity and relies on human food, garbage, heat, and shelter to rear their young. Although many rodent species can still be found in the wild, it’s best to consider these pests as a household nuisance no matter where you are.

If you’re concerned about the possibility of rodent activity near your Portland property, it may be a good idea to consider installing some prevention steps. 

Rodent Prevention Steps For Home And Business Owners 

Rodent prevention is best executed far in the future, long before the pests have been spotted around the home. If you’re starting to get suspicious of rodent activity, or if you have proof that an infestation may be going on, immediately begin with these steps before calling Kanga Pest Control:

  • Rodents can sneak through holes the size of a quarter (or larger). Caulk and seal the entire home for added protection against infiltration.
  • Female rodents can have up to 300 young during their lifetimes. Prevent ongoing breeding by storing food, water, and garbage in proper containers.
  • The best prevention is with a partnership. Secure ongoing professional rodent control with Kanga Pest Control.

Get the best pest control for mice and rats by calling our Portland office today. We’re standing by to take your call at any time. 

Why Kanga Pest Control Is The Best Man For The Job

The best pest control for mice and rats in Portland is found in the folks behind Kanga Pest Control. We offer a satisfaction guarantee on all our services, making it easier than ever to stay rodent-free for the long term. 

If you want more information about how to deal with a rodent infestation in Portland and beyond, don’t hesitate to get in contact with Kanga Pest Control. We can make it easier than ever to keep rodents away from your home. Learn more about our unique rodent control programs by submitting an online contact form today. 

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