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Portland Homeowners' Guide To Aphid Identification And Control

March 10, 2023

Do you enjoy your property? Most people find a certain pleasure in looking out at their grass, shrubs, and trees, especially when they are well-maintained. Something that takes away from a beautiful property is aphids. These local insects like to suck the juices of leaves and stems and can cause extensive damage to trees. We are going to talk more about this in a bit. Here is everything you need to know about aphids and aphid pest control in Portland. Check out our residential service page to learn more about our pest control options. Our team at Kanga Pest Control is always ready to help members of our community who are seeking freedom from destructive pest problems.

yellow flock of aphids

How To Properly Identify Aphids

If you want to know how to identify aphids, there are two main methods. The first method involves looking for these bugs and the signs they leave behind. An adult aphid has two tailpipes on the end of its abdomen. This pest can be green, black, red, brown, grey, and even yellow. Some species have wings while others are wingless. Common signs of aphids include wilting or distorted leaves, honeydew on fruit and leaves, and a black, sooty mold fungus across infested trees. The second method for identifying aphids involves bringing in a pest control professional. This involves scheduling an appointment for your property. One of our technicians will pay you a visit and thoroughly inspect trees for active aphid problems. 

Why You Don't Want Aphids In Your Garden

Aphids are a big problem for any plant that produces leaves. There are a few reasons why this is true. To start, aphids love munching on leaves. If there are only a few of these pests around your yard and garden, this damage will be minimal. It is when populations grow that problems become more and more noticeable. Large numbers of aphids produce lots of sticky exudate, also known as honeydew. This honeydew allows for the growth of sooty mold fungus and draws in other problematic pests. Bees and wasps love honeydew and often live symbiotically with aphids in order to get their fill of this sweet substance. If you don’t like the idea of plants being damaged and stinging insects taking shelter on your property, it is important to find a way to get and keep aphids away. 

Practical Ways To Deter Aphids

If you have an aphid bug problem on your property, this section is not for you. What you need is professional pest control to remove these pests. What we want to offer here are some practical ways to prevent these pests. Here are some DIY aphid control methods to start with.

  • Monitor your plants for the presence of aphids and call a professional the second you see these pests around.
  • Plant onions in your garden as they are a natural deterrent for aphids.
  • Do not over-fertilize your plants.
  • Keep an eye out for lots of ants around your plants as this could be an early sign of an aphid problem.

For direct help to get rid of aphids, talk to our team at Kanga Pest Control.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Aphids In Portland

Aphids can cause extensive damage to plants around your property if you allow them to. Combat these pests by bringing in our team at Kanga Pest Control. We will monitor pest activity on your property and use targeted treatments to address aphids and other common plant-destroying insects.

Reach out to Kanga Pest Control now to learn more about your options for pest control in Portland and find out how to get rid of aphids for good.

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